Bill DeVries

Photo of Bill DeVries at Commercial Tavern

Bill DeVries was a fine man, a great singer and musician, and a valued and trusted friend. He helped me to understand some of life's many mysteries. It was almost like he became a dad to me after I lost mine and now it's so empty and I'm lost without either one of them.

I will miss his strength; his unending and tireless love of family; his great sense of humor; his fine "guitar pickin" and his beautiful voice and unique interpretation of a song. I'll miss the man who had that unusual ability to listen to your problems and concerns for a long while before he'd offer an opinion. But mostly I'll miss his great "smile". He could light up a room and warm your heart making you feel "good" even if you didn't. The smile said it all.

So keep smiling down on us "Billy Boy" and don't quit on me now. We need you now more than ever,and miss you more each day. Thanks for everything.

Paul Weber