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Photo of CD Cover - By Request VOL 1 & 2

By Request Vol-1 and Vol-2

  • All Songs produced and arranged by Mike Weber.
  • Recorded at DSP Studio Engineering.
  • Engineered and Mixed by Eric Duerrstein.


  • Steel Guitars: Doug Dietrich, Mike Weber
  • Fiddles: Shane Guse, Dan Howlett
  • Drums: Mike Eagles
  • Keyboards: Mike Eedy
  • Lead Guitar: Fred Lewis
  • Mandolin & Flattop Pickin': Dan Howlett
  • Bass & Acoustic Guitar: Paul Weber
  • Duets

  • Susan Weber Bell
  • Background Singers

  • Stacey Lee (Guse)
  • Susan Weber Bell
  • Grant Heywood
  • plus Kirby the blind Schitzer wonder dog & the Duerrstein Duo appearing on "The Winner"
  • Dedication

    Mom and Dad Weber

    These songs are dedicated to Mom & Dad.
    "You gave me life, you gave me love, you gave me music and then you gave me a chance."
    I miss you dearly, and sing my songs for you - I hope you're still listening.

    By Request Vol-1 2011

    By Request Vol-2 2011


    To my heroes past and present. To those who helped shape my life and my career to what it is today.

    To the great songwriters - without them, what would we sing?

    To my friend Larry Delaney (Country Music News) for keeping "us" old artists alive, through times when we've often felt "lost" and "forgotten".

    Thank You!

    To my sisters Judy and Lynne, for all your love and encouragement over the years. Sister Susan, for adding your beautiful voice to this project and singing with me for the last half century

    Brother MikeBrother Mike, for always being there for me over the years, no matter the challenge, and for supplying your talented hands, your finely tuned ear and your big heart to this labour of love.

    Long and overdue, to my "kids", Becky, Jason and Dusty for trying to understand when I was seldom home or when I've appeared to be too busy for you. I love you all and a special thank you for thoose beautiful "grand babies".

    Sandy for being my "girl Tuesday" and giving me the time to get out of the bar and into the studio, and for all of the years of hard work, dedication and friendship.

    Eric for knowing your trade and being so patient with an "old country singer" who knew what he wanted but wasn't always sure how to get it.

    The great musicians I am blessed to have in my life - and only a phone call away. Doug, Shane & Stacey, Dan, Freddie and Grant. You "guys" are amazing and we couldn't have done it without your fine talents and valued friendship.

    My two Mikes, my old "Top Hand" boys. You've allowed me the freedom and the opportunity to express myself whether I'm up or down. We had great years out on the road - it was very special to have you join me in the studio. We've made a lot of music. Thanks for being part of it all, and your continued support and dedication today.

    Carole Russo for much of the photography utilized on this CD package and Terry Elliott for his creative efforts in providing the artwork and design.

    Photo of Whisket Tears CD by Paul Weber

    Whiskey Tears

  • Recorded and Mixed at Manta Sound Company
    Toronto, ON.
  • Additional Recording by Peter Lee.
  • Engineered and Mixed by Haywood Parrot.
  • Assistant Engineer: Mike Duncan, Ron Searles
  • Mastering Engineer: Peter Norman, McClear Place
    Toronto, ON
  • Album Graphics: Graphics Factory, Hamilton, ON
  • Album Photography: John Harriman
  • Photography Direction: Dallas Harms
  • Musicians

  • Mike Francis: Electric & Acoustic Guitar
  • Jim Pirie: Acoustic Guitar
  • Steve Smith: Steel and Dobro Guitar
  • Kim Brandt: Bass Guitar
  • Barry Keane: Drums
  • Bruce Ley: Rhodes and Acoustic Piano
  • Dick Smith: Percussion
  • Background Singers

  • Robert Armes
  • Shawne Jackson
  • Colina Phillips
  • John Rutledge
  • whiskeyTears 2005

    Special Thanks:

    To all the family and friends, who have believed in me even when I've found it hard to believe in myself.

    To Dallas, Peppi, all the "pickers" and the fine staff at Manta, for getting it all together, one more time.

    Also thanks to Ed Kustra and the Dallas Club for all their support.

    To John Harriman, a fine photographer and the best bartender I've ever had the pleasure of doing business with.

    Two Bits of Hurtin'

  • Produced by Dallas Harms
  • Musical Arrangements by Mike Francis.
  • Recorded at Grant Avenue Studio,
    Hamilton, Ontario.
  • Engineered by Greg Roberts.
  • Photos by David Falconer.
  • Design by Ian Bell.
  • Musicians

  • Mike Francis: Electric & Acoustic Guitar
  • Joe Howe: Acoustic Rhythm Guitar.
  • Dave Pearce: Acoustic Rhythm Guitar.
  • Steve Smith: Steel Guitar
  • Kim Brandt: Electric Bass Guitar
  • Bruce Ley: Acoustic and Electric Piano.
  • Dave Brown: Drums and Percussion.
  • Rolly Plant: Harp
  • Graham Townsend: Fiddle
  • Background Singers

  • Judy Donnelly
  • Carla Jensen
  • Dave Holcroft
  • Ron Spearman
  • Two-Bits-Worth-Of-Hurtin' 2005

    Special Thanks:

    To all the family and friends for all their support.


    Older & Wiser

  • Producer: Tony Migliore
  • Co-Producer: Cyril Rawson
  • Recorded at Chelsea Recording Studio, Brentwood, TN
  • Recording Engineers: Charles Haines, David Hieronymous
  • Mixing Engineer: Charles Haines
  • Photography & Wardrobe: Don Burton
  • Musicians

  • Lonnie Wilson: Drums
  • Joe Howe: Acoustic Rhythm Guitar.
  • Ralph Childs: Bass
  • Tony Migliore: Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Synthesizers
  • Brent Mason: Electric Guitars
  • Cyril Rawson: Acoustic Guitar
  • Mark Casstevens: Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica
  • Sonny Garrish: Steel Guitar, Slide Dobro Guitar
  • Rob Hajacos: Fiddle
  • Background Singers

  • Karen Taylor-Good
  • Ruth Cooper
  • Doug Clements
  • Older and Wiser 1991

    Special Thanks:

    Thanks to Tony, Cyril, Chuck and Dave for the great job you've done along with all the great Nashville pickers. You've made a dream become a reality, a project I've had in my mind for some time. I appreciate your patience, wisdom and understanding along with your unique ability at finding things in me I never knew existed and putting them down on tape. But most of all, for just letting me "sing".

    Special Thanks to my band, Top Hand, all my friends, fans, the Club Owners, the people in radio and Larry and Joanne Delaney at Country Music News. Your continued support has kept it rollin' all these years.

    To Dallas, the path-finder who broke the ground, planted the seeds and helped pave my way to Nashville and this new album.

    Very Special thanks to all my family. all of you with your own special way of providing me with the constant inspiration and much needed support to keep at "it" and stick with "it". To Mike, my Brother & friend, for all your help, not only with this venture but also your own example in dealing with life and its many ups & downs.

    Without all of you and the Grace of God there wouldn't be a Country Singin' Paul Weber; Older & Wiser or otherwise; the verdicts still out on that one. But either way, Thanks Again!

    Dedicated to Becky & Jason - if nothing else, and apology for why "Daddy's not home" far too often - to Mom and Dad - for being "there" and putting me "here".