Services Offered

Given sufficient notice, we can make the Commercial Tavern available in it's entirety, for larger, private functions, similar to those depicted below.
Bring your own music/entertainment ...or we can provide it at a cost.

Wedding held at The Commercial Tavern

We accommodate groups of all sizes, professionally and affordably. We are the perfect place for your party or celebration both big and small – birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, stag and does, weddings, graduations, celebrations of life, special events.

Corporate Meeting held at The Commercial Tavern

We also can be the place to hold a business or corporate function – workshops, general meetings and themed social events.

Using The Commercial Tavern as a Movie Set

Rental arrangements can also be made for the use of The Commercial Tavern in the production of commercials, documentaries and motion pictures.

The Commercial Tavern offers facilities for overnight camping

For all you RV campers who might like to spend the weekend, we have a large lot and offer rough camping at no charge. Call ahead for availability.